Sabato 26 gennaio 2013 – Chiostri di San Barnaba – Milano



Thanks to: Chiostri di San Barnaba, Vogue.it, Matteo Robecchi & Rent-Mi Agency, Oh,No!John! & Instafashionist Channel, RedMag, Oscar Tonnina Fischer & Creative Advisory, Daniele Fragale.

Con la partecipazione di / With the participation of:

FABRIC DIVISION (fashion design sustainability project)

SERGIO RACANATI (live performance + exhibition)

DIORAMA MAGAZINE (special project exhibition)

IF BAGS (fashion exhibition + social interaction)

FABRIZIO BUSSO (illustration exhibition)

LAURA MANFREDI + VALERIO DONGHI (art installation + photography exhibition)

DARIO MAGLIONICO (art exhibition + live painting)

GIULIA GOBBI (shoes exhibition)

JONATHAN PISANI (art exhibition)

SARA MAUTONE (photography exhibition)

FATOMALE IDEA (live illustration performance)

FRANCESCA AGUECI (fashion exhibition)

ROBERTO ORTU (video art exhibition)

LUCA CRESCENZI (special project – graphic design)

SALVATORE VIGNOLA (fashion performance)

DRESS UP by FACE CUP (t-shirt project)

NABUCCO DINOSAUR (live music) by Jacopo Giacopuzzi


RENT-MI (special partner)

INSTAFASHIONIST by Oh, No! John! (official instagram partner)

PENTHOUSE GIRLS (fashion blog)

Pictures by: Daniele Fragale (full album here)

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